Name: Akimi Yamamoto
Nickname: Isha
Born: Christmas Eve 1997 (17 years old)
Status: Alive

Akimi is a temporary member of the X-Men. Her main reason for joining is the zombie outbreak, which she believes she can aid in stopping. Despite this however, Akimi often gets influenced by the idea of having more power and is quite fascinated with Magneto's team.

Owner: Kitty
Genre/World: X-Men
Physical Appearance: Akimi is quite skinny and of average height, with quite pretty features on an Asian teen.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 44kg
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Light brown (dyed)
Skin Colour: Asian - Japanese


It was Christmas Eve in Tokyo, Japan. A teenaged mother dropped her newborn child off at the orphanage, not even leaving a name for the child. The matron at the orphanage later named her Akimi. Despite being quite a beautiful and surprisingly social baby, Akimi was not adopted once. She remained in the orphanage until she was 16, where she took the last name Yamamoto and decided to leave.

During her childhood, Akimi learned many things. Pain, hunger, cold, depression, fear. Survival, fighting, strength, curiosity and how to stay alive. It became obvious however from a young age that Akimi was not effected like the other children. She never got sick, she could sometimes heal people, she seemed to look younger than her age, she was always very calm and never had mood swings. The only way to explain it was that Akimi was very lucky and had pristine health records. Even with bad dental hygiene at the orphanage, her teeth were perfect. When everyone else got food poisoning on New Year's when she was twelve, she did not despite eating the same amount. The matrons of the orphanage put it down to luck and a blessing from gods.

The truth was that Akimi was a mutant, her powers activated from birth. Though she did not know this until she was fifteen, working part time at a restaurant. Her boss cornered her one day after work and attempted to rape her and Akimi fought back but he was a strong man. She put all her energy into fighting back and just hoping that his heart would stop working. And it did.

Knowing that the police would find she killed the man, Akimi ran away. She left Japan and went to Europe, travelling the countries and learning their languages. She built a large supply of contacts, especially mutant ones, who informed her of what was going on around the world. In Africa, she was taught to use her powers by another mutant healer there.

At the time of the zombie outbreak, Akimi was located in London, England; one of the places immediately effected and put into lockdown and isolation. Akimi knew that she could help as she heard that the X-Men, located in America, were training to fight back. One night after curfew in London, she used her contacts to sneak out of the city. It was hard and caused Akimi to nearly die several times but soon, she was on a plane to America. She met up with the Professor and has been with the X-Men since.


Akimi is extremely intelligent and quite passionate about what she believes in. When in stressful situations, she thinks logically and seems to block out emotion. She is ready to sacrifice whatever she needs in order to succeed. Akimi can occasionally be shy when meeting new people. She does not have many friends, as she has always been moving but has many contacts around the world which she gets information on. She often is hired as a freelance healer, who claims to use herbal remedies when in fact she just uses her powers and the herbs are for show. She is not always willing to use her powers to help people, as they are quite tiring. She definitely believes that things such as feelings must be sacrificed to win the war and that Magneto and the Professor must unite the two forces to beat the outbreak. Despite being on X-Men's side, she does believe that more force is needed and often feels like she should switch to Magneto but has not built up the courage to do so yet.


Two traditional Japanese katana and a set of throwing knives.

  1. [1]: She can control life on a cellular level, including but not limited to, genetic alterations and physical distortion and/or augmentations of biological functions. They can cause cells to augment to induce advanced or declined biological healing, induce diseases like cancer, induce appearance alteration, manipulate pheromones, and even increase physiological maturity. (This is her main power and what causes her weakness; however she has smaller minor powers listed below.

Very Minor Powers

  1. Increased lifespan/slower ageing
  2. Immunity to all disease
  3. Ability to block all emotional/pheromone manipulation
  4. Peak physical fitness
  5. Very slight enhanced senses
  1. Use of this ability could be very painful.
  2. Permanent damage to affected areas may result with prolonged use.
  3. Emotions such as extreme excitement or surprise could activate powers in awkward situations.
  4. DNA changes could take time to complete.
  5. May not always work on those with Enhanced Regeneration, since they can be immune from certain to all disease.
  6. Might not work on those with Immortality.
  7. She is always very unwilling to heal people.

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