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Name: Amarantha "Bella" Bellamy
Nickname: Wildvyne & Rainha Veneno
Born: 24 April 1954
Status: Alive

Bella is a member of Magneto's Brotherhood, though at times she does question Magneto's methods, but because of her issues with having a split personality/dual powers, she finds she has a hard time fitting in with the X-Men. Currently she is being used in a plot with Hydro and PJO where Magneto and his group released a deadly virus to try and kill off some of the human population, but something went terribly wrong and the virus is now out of control and instead of just killing people, it is turning humans into powerful flesh eating un-dead zombies.

Owner: Bach
Genre/World: X-Men
Physical Appearance: 19/20
Height: 5'8
Weight: 135lbs
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Red
Skin Colour: Green/Caucasian
X-Men: Used to be for them, usually against them, but may have to work with them to stop the zombie infection.
Brotherhood: Member for the last 8 years or so
Magneto: Helped her learn to control her poisonous side
Nathan: She still misses him and would do anything if she could have him back
Prof X: She still hates him and blames him for Nathan's death
Her History

Amarantha was born in 1954, to Roger and Rose Bellamy. Roger was a biologist, and Rose was a botanist. She spent most of her childhood always travelling around with her parents, who were always in some jungle or remote part of the world studying plants and such. When she hit puberty at the age of 12, her powers started to come in, at first her parents were a bit shocked, but as they were botanists, the idea that she could control plants, kept them from allowing her to go to Xavier's institute. They wanted to keep her with them so that she could help them study plants in more remote parts of the rainforest.

At the age of 16, her parents were working on a top secret project for the government, although Amarantha never understood the details, there were numerous groups who desired to steal the project. As her and her parents were on an expedition deep in the rain forest, a group of mercenaries found them, some bullets were exchanged, but soon one of the mercenaries had Amarantha's mother at gun point, demanding they give over the results of their research. As the tension increased, Amarantha suffered a psychotic break, loosing total control of her powers. Plant life around them, vines, etc started growing out of control. Amidst the plants happened to be a fairly large quantity of belladonna and Abrus precatorius, or Rosary Pea, both highly toxic, between the vines and the poison, it wasn't long before everyone around her was dead, the use of her powers caused her to loose consciousness. Shortly after, Professor X, sensing what was happening, sent a team to recover her. While at the Institute recovering, Professor X put a wall up in her psyche, blocking out the painful memories, so that she could learn to control and develop her powers. Professor X also found, that due to the sudden burst of her powers along with being subjected to the various poisons, slowed her ageing process. He deduced that she ages roughly 1 year to every 10 to 11 actual years.

For years she was quite happy with the x-men, even falling in love with another member, Nathan. That was until ten years ago when Professor X sent Nathan on a dangerous mission that resulted in his death, though no body was recovered it was presumed no one could survive the explosion. She was devastated, she had been with Nathan for over 20 years and her deep grief caused the walls in her psyche to come crumbling down. Professor X tried to help her put them back up, but she was too strong and too inconsolable. She ran off, seeking vengeance on anyone who had ever hurt her or her loved ones. Poison ran through her veins and her physical appearance changed. She killed any and all who got in her way, with no regard for collateral damage. After months on the run, Magneto tracked her down, because she blamed Professor X for Nathan's death, Magneto was able to use that to his advantage, and convinced her to join him. He helped her learn to control her powers, so that over time she could switch back and forth at will between Wildvyne and her more poisonous persona Rainha Veneno.

She was hesitant at first when a group within Magneto's gang came up with a virus to release that would kill off humans. They said they'd be able to control it, but ultimately the creator of the virus had ulterior motives. They wanted to do more than kill a few humans, so the virus actually turned the infected into these un-dead flesh eating super zombies. Now the infection must be stopped before the entire population is decimated, which may mean having to work with the X-Men.

Her Personality

Dark Side: When she is tapped into her darker side, Rainha, she acts on pure raw emotion, especially vengeance, hate, fury. Although she is not overtly "evil", due to the fracture in her psyche, she is known to act rashly and without consequence, full of repressed hate and sadness. She is much more outgoing when in this state.

Calm/Good Side: When she is Wildvyne, she is more at peace and generally calm. There are some powers she can't access when she's Wildvyne, mostly because she is spending energy on keeping her emotions in check she isn't able to use as much towards her powers. She is more passive and quiet, and not as out going. She also takes more time to make decisions and thinks things through more.



Her Powers
  1. Advanced Longevity: Because of her connection to plants and nature, she ages slower then most. Although she is 58 years old, she looks and has the physical stamina of a 20 year old
  2. Chlorokinesis/Botanopathy: She is able to to control any plant life within her vicinity. She is able to manipulate plants telepathically, using roots to form supports, manipulating trees, vines and all other manner of flora to do her bidding. She is able to heal from non-fatal wounds, but while doing so she is unable to fight. She is able to talk to plants, allowing her to command them with incredible ease.
  3. Toxic Immunity: Immunity to all toxins, bacteria, and viruses
  4. Botanist: While her parents were alive, they taught her a lot in botany. She has since experimented in creating new plant species and plant/animal hybrids
  5. Toxicologist: expert in toxicology.
  6. Proficient Combatant: She has learned a limited style of martial arts fighting, is proficient at climbing and leaping, and is a strong and fast swimmer.
  7. Average Strength: She possesses the strength level of around three women her age, size and weight who engage in intensive regular exercise.

Powers She Only Possess while Rainha Veneno

  1. Vine Creation: She can project vines from her finger tips.
  2. Toxikinesis: Because of the toxins that run through her blood stream, while she is Rainha, she is able to secrete poisons of varying types from blood. They come in a number of varieties, from mind controlling drugs to instantly fatal necrotics. Her skin is toxic as well, although contact with it is usually not fatal.
  1. Because she requires substantial amounts of solar energy to live, extreme darkness for too long weakens her severely.
  2. She is weaker against ice and fire elements.
  3. Her mental stability is often in question, due to the split in her psyche.
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Bella four Amarantha Bellamy


“Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.” .

Bach's Character
24 April 1954
Daggers & Powers
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