Anwen Noble


Name: Anwen Maraliss Noble
Owner: BachLynn23
RP Genre: Camp Half-Blood
Species: Demigod, Child of Nemesis
Race: Caucasian



Although she has no memory of her past, and has gone through quite a bit of trauma at the hands of Circe for the last few years, she has a very resilient personality. She has a very trusting and open heart which often gets her into trouble. She loves helping others and refuses to ever see herself as a victim, even if she is one.




Born to a Russian Soldier that fought in WW1 and Nemesis. She ends up involved in WW2, fighting for the Allies (aka Poseidon and Zeus). Something happens she ends up betraying someone and getting some people killed because of her mistake. Their god parent whom I haven't figured out yet, curses her. She doesn't remember any of this. She only remembers waking up on the beach of Circe's island a few years ago, presumably from a ship wreck. Circe keeps her as a pet, <Float's character> finds himself daring Circe's island looking for some rumoured and powerful sword. He finds Anwen instead, who helps him find the sword, he rescues her from being Circe's slave and escapes the island. Although the guy isn't a good person, because he saved her, she grows to depend on him and look past bad things he does.

Full History


Height: 5'7
Weight: 125lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown/Hazel
Skin Colour: White/Cream


RPíng her with User:ScalesofFate


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