Name: Avery Jonas
Nickname: The Forecaster
Born: January 10th (age 19)
Status: Alive

Avery is a member of the X-Men. She has the power of premonition, which comes along with a lot of responsibility. joining the X-Men, Avery was your typical rich English girl. Often hiding behind a prep girl facade, Avery carries a lot of guilt for events she could have stopped. Whilst often teasing boys, Avery is still heartbroken over the loss of her boyfriend.

Owner: Kitty
Genre/World: X-Men
Physical Appearance: Avery is extremely beautiful with well-groomed eyebrows, fine skin and a classy fashion sense.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 47kg
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Skin Colour: White


Avery Jonas had everything any girl could want. She was practically the queen of the school, a cheerleader, a hot boyfriend, straight A's and a great family with lots of money. Unfortunately, everything was not as perfect as it seemed. Her whole life; Avery had felt like a freak.

As long as she could remember, she could remember knowing. She could remember speaking Arabic and Russian and German and every language ever to be and to have been. She could remember knowing what a person would do, what every possible outcome of a situation could be. She could remember seeing plane crashes before the plane had taken off into the air. She could remember the man who was going to die before she had stopped him crossing the road by selling Girl Scout cookies. She could remember knowing everything.

But as soon as she could remember, she knew not to tell. She had seen TV; she knew about the mutant fights with the government. When she turned 18, she went to a party with her boyfriend. She knew something was going to go wrong and when she saw her boyfriend take another drink, she knew he was going to die. And there was nothing she could do because she knew too late.

Becoming part of the X-Men after that was a no-brainer. If she could help, she would. And she knew she could.


Avery tries to put on the facade that she is the stereotypical cheerleader; dumb, flirty and cheerful. However, due to her powers, it is hard. She often grows quite troubled and has inner conflict about what she knows, causing her to become introverted when she has the chance. She panics at trouble but has learned that trouble will come either way. She is a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning her room and anything she can affect because she can't control the future so she feels like she needs something to control. In the company of others however, Avery attempts to act ditzy and dumb. Avery gets along with boys well and isn't afraid to get information from them by using seduction. Despite this, she has a bit of a crush on Seth Russo, her roommate because he seems genuine and awkward and dorky; and she has never met someone like him.


She owns a large range of designer and single-sold clothes. Her favourite brand is Chanel.

  1. Premonition: The ability to see the future and every possible future from the situation. This can vary from 1 to 1000 to infinite futures. She receives the futures almost as if she is watching a movie but it takes no time, she simply knows what could happen. She knows every exact detail, from a tiny dogs hair, about every scenario and therefore, at the last minute can change it. This is useful for attacks.She knows people's futures and deaths but this is the case of infinite possibilities so they are ever-changing.
  2. She speaks every language.
  3. It is impossible for other seer-like powers to see Avery's future and she has a mental shield against any mental attacks.
  4. Extreme genius which allows her mind to think hundreds of times quicker than the average human being. She is above Einstein level genius, far above.
  1. Because she knows every possibility of a future, nothing is certain. Every future can change and therefore, she cannot be sure.

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