Name: Cameron Sykes
Nickname: Haywire
Born: April 7th, 1994
Status: Alive

Cameron is a 20 year old member of the X-Men. At this moment, he is participating in the Zombie Apocalypse event.

Owner: Xax
Genre/World: X-Men
Physical Appearance: Cameron is a good-looking jock who likes to flirt although it doesn't work for him at times. He has an athletic appearance but isn't that much of a show off in his clothes. He likes using hipster(y) button-up shirts and black informal loafers.
Height: 6'3 (Human and Haywire)
Weight: 167 lb (Human)
400lb (Haywire)
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Skin Colour: Slightly Tanned (Human) Alloy of Titanium and Adamantium (Haywire)

Jennifer and Dylan Sykes where a merry high-school couple. One time at a party, they had too many drinks and ended up conceiving Cameron. Very soon, when Jennifer got to know that she was pregnant, had the urge and necessity to dropout school and convince Dylan to escape with her. Luckily, he agreed as he felt the responsibility for the child that Jennifer carried with her. They moved to Coventry, England.

The thing that they didn't know was that the drinks they had drunk the night when they had Cameron were overly "Spiked" with a very powerful drug that only had effect until 2 months or so. Many people that had assisted to the party died, and the others where ill.

Both Jennifer and Dylan started to feel the symptoms. Immediately, they went to the doctor and found out that Jennifer had a threatened abortion. She took care as best as she could, but unbeknownst to her and Dylan, the drugs where affecting Cameron while still a fetus, which later on brought his mutation.

Due to latter problems with the pregnancy, Cameron was born at the tender age of 7 months. He was very likely to die, or so the doctors thought. Nevertheless, he stayed for one full month in the incubator, where Jennifer and Dylan would visit everyday and develop a very strong love for the child while noticing his problems to stay alive another day.

When Cameron was finally out of the hospital, he took in everything from his surroundings and had an instant curiosity towards the TV. When he touched it, it instantly turned on and he laughed s the baby he was. Jennifer and Dylan thought it was weird but managed to shake it off.

As Cameron grew up, he got to have many friends at school, both because of his personality and sometimes because of his looks. He would almost always get straight A's. However, his life wasn't perfect at all. Dylan and Jennifer started to have fights and as time passed by, they started to be a lot more frequent than before.

They still loved Cameron greatly, but they somehow couldn't get over their mutual faults and weaknesses. Then the signs started to show. That's when they started to reunite.

The first was when Cameron was 8. See, his parents were in their usual disagreements, but this time, they were really shouting and when Jennifer finally slapped Dylan, Cameron snapped. He shouted "Stop!" very high and when he did that, all the house's lightbulbs exploded and broke.

Then, when he was 10, he was in school and older people started to bully him. Since he wasn't used to this, this was a great shock to Cameron as to how it felt. When the biggest bully punched him in the chin, Cameron got mad and the ceiling ventilation fan fell right next to the bully, which really freaked both out. Since there was none evidence whatsoever as to who was the guilty, no one got academically harmed.

He started to know that all these thing were his fault and he started to feel like a freak, as he knew that what he could do wasn't normal. He started to try and control his powers by himself and eventually, he could sort of find his way out to control himself from extreme anger.

When Cameron was 14, his "so-called" twin friends, Jake and Mitch made the worst prank to the school director and then blamed it on Cameron. This got Cameron expelled.

Cameron went to their home very mad and when they got out, they started making at him because of what happened. This and all the anger that had been bottled up from the last four years, the unbearable pain from betrayal and the raw and intense ferocity he felt towards Jake and Mitch, this was the incident that got to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Cameron instantly met his own titanium-self "Haywire". He got out of control and started to beat out the living crap out of his ex-friends. This got all the way to the point of killing Jake and leaving Mitch paralytic for good.

When he saw the two on the ground, he felt a big and strong pang of guilt in his gut. He ran home and told Jennifer and Dylan about what happened. They didn't doubt his story since they'd already knew something wasn't right with him. The Sykes family immediately packed their bags and escaped to NYC. Since there was no proof of who was the one responsible of the death, but a "mysterious metal man" that some neighbors saw, no one knew about Cameron's guilt.

Dylan and Jennifer searched for any kind of help for Cameron's state. He got depressed and wouldn't eat for days, due to the guilt, pain, trauma and sadness. Luckily Dylan worked as a psychologist and treated with Cameron until he got significantly better. He started to eat again and got healthy in a relatively rapid range of time.

Cameron then started to go to school again. Same as before, he made friends very quickly and was usually invited to parties. When he was 15 and almost 16, he was invited to this super big party where he got kidnapped for evil purposes of Weapon-X the same organization that had put Wolverine into horrible pain for the "upgrade" of having adamantium instead of bones.

The Weapon-X program started to experiment on Cameron and when they finally found what would be the best "upgrade" for him, they put him into the main experiment. They would make his Haywire form mad of adamantium instead of titanium which was his original material.

When the surgery started, Cameron was really scared and nervous. He was thrown into a metal table and strapped very tight to it. He tried to escape with no avail. When the adamantium started to get into his body, he started screaming like crazy. The pain was so excruciating that Cameron started to die. Nevertheless, he reunited all his strength left and turned into Haywire. His increasing muscle mass broke the straps some time over half of the adamantium-inducement. This stopped the operation. That's why when Haywire, he is made from a 60% Adamantium and 40% Titanium alloy.

While in Haywire state, Cameron got to escape the Weapon-X establishment badly hurt after fighting several scientists and guards. He fainted just after getting into a Wall-Mart.

He woke up in his old room at NYC. He saw Jennifer and Dylan and hugged them tightly. After all, he hadn't seen them in a year and so. At this time, Cameron was 17 and 2 months old. What he still didn't know was that Cyclopes, was also at Cameron's home, ready to take him to the X-Mansion where he would learn how to use his powers properly, along with other people that would be similar to him. He couldn't be happier, except for the fact of leaving his family once again.

However, they accepted and Cameron followed Cyclopes. Cameron has been studying there for 3 years and now has better control of his powers than before. He just heard about the Zombie Apocalypse and is more than ready to help.


Cameron is a fairly nice guy when he is with people. He is also a jock that loves sports (specially football) and is used to having the girls he wants. He is very cunning and smart, however he gets to be a bit arrogant at times when people try to outsmart him. He may be a bit of a flirt- most times. Cameron is also protective towards the people he cares for. He is straight-minded and persuasive when it is needed. He is also a hothead when people don't agree with him or don't believe him. When he turns into "Haywire", his personality and traits don't change.


Twin Katanas


When in Human form and Haywire

  1. Technokinesis: Cameron has the ability of manipulating mentally any form of technology. He can receive data and has an extreme facility at hacking. He can also build things and/or weapons made from former technologic devices.
  2. Electrokinesis: Cameron can control, manipulate or even create electric currents which can variate in size. This can offer multiple uses, nevertheless, Cameron has some trouble doing this.
  3. Ubication: He can always know his exact location and coordinates because of his connection to GPS's.
  4. Cyberlingualism: Cameron can communicate or "talk" with any sort of technology.
  5. Timing: He can always know the time also due to his connection with digital clocks/watches.
  6. Haywire: When fully functional and not too drained or tired, Cameron can turn into "Haywire" which means that his body turns into an alloy of titanium and adamantium. This provides him more physical prowess and his muscle mass increases dramatically. However, a few times, even if the conditions are proper, Cameron can't seem to turn into Haywire.

Only when Haywire

  1. Super Strength: Haywire has the strength of 5-7 men of his height, weight etc.
  2. Impervious Skin: When Haywire, his skin turns to titanium which is very hard to harm or dent.
  1. When he turns into Haywire, he is slower and less agile due to the weight.
  2. When Haywire, he also is a bit more vulnerable to internal injuries or attacks.
  3. If he is left away from technology or electrical energy, he gets significantly weaker.
  4. He is weaker against fire and earthen elements.
  5. Sometimes he can't turn into Haywire
  6. If Cameron doesn't eat Iron-rich foods, he will also get weak.

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