Name: Danica
Owner: Wonder
RP Genre: Camp Half Blood
Species: Demigod
Born: 900AD
Nationality: Danish
Language: Old Norse (Native; Forgotten), English
Race: Caucasian



Danica is very curious and adventurous, she loves the outdoors and will always be found outside, living on what some people call "the wild side of life". She loves dancing and acting as well and is quite good at both. She get embarrassed REALLY easily. She usually over-reacts to everything, from dropping a plate to finding out something. She's known for being a little too forgiving and nice.


Engrid Iôrund was a beautiful woman born in 980 A.D of course as she was 21 she was married to one of the richest men the village, he was a strong man, but she never actually loved him. One day when she was out getting water from the lake in the forest she bumped into a man, obviously he wasn't part of the village as she had never seen him before, perhaps he was a new slave sent to help her, no he looked far too good to be a slave. She got tired of trying to figure it out on her own and walked up and asked him who he was, he sad "a god" confused Engrid thought he was Thor due to the large hammer he was carting around, but he told her otherwise.

He told her he was Dionysus, a Greek god, confused, she yelled for help, no help came as Dionysus had made them too drunk to do anything properly. Soon Engrid realized she was falling in love with him.

She managed to sneak out every 2 days while getting water to meet up with him, soon they grew closer and closer until Engrid found out she was pregnant. Dionysus left but promised to see her again someday and left without another word. Soon Engrid had the baby and named her Aela, but sadly Engrid died shortly after the birth.

Aela grew up living with her mother husband. He was a cruel and powerful man, always speaking with a forceful voice and ordering everyone to do everything. But a day after her 12th birthday Aela got scared of him and ran into the forest, she was being pursued by two soldiers who she didn't know well enough to even know their names.

Aela was tired but knew she couldn't stop running when suddenly she bumped into a young woman who named herself Artemis, knowing Aela was running from the soldiers she helped her and took her to the camp the hunters had set up, she was no longer being chased by the soldiers who thought she had died after falling into the river.

Artemis then asked Aela if she wanted to join the hunt, confused, Artemis told Aela everything, about her being a demigod and that her father was Dionysus. As soon as she understood she agreed to becoming a hunter and was faithful to Artemis for several centuries.

Aela changed her name several times during the years but eventually decided to stick with Danica.

Danica/Aela started to grow bored of life as a hunter, the hunts that were once fun grew to be tedious tasks and the hunters weren't that much fun any more either.

Artemis saw that Danica was bored and asked her if she would like to leave the hunt. Danica looked up in shock, could she really leave the hunt and be a normal demigod. She asked if that could be possible, Artemis nodded and removed her immortality, this however made Danica faint, but as soon as she awoke she found herself at Camp Half-Blood, and has been residing there ever since.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 130lbs
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Pale




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