Mature - R

Hoshiro Mikosu
Secret (will reveal in book 1, chapter 3)
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Ariko Mikosu (sister)
Status Alive
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Height 6'3
Age 19
Occupation College Student
Alignment Neutral
Weapons NON
Species Half Human, Half Demon
Home Paris
Affiliation NON
First Appears in The Labyrinth of Music
Last Appears in NON
Book Series 7 Deadly Sin

Hoshiro is the Demon Hybrid and one of the main character in "The Seven Deadly Sins" series.


He is quite and does not like to talk. He has a soft side of animal and nature 


He has white hair and red eyes. He wears a yellow and black stripe sweater inside and a white hoodie on the outside. He also wear headphone under his hoodies


Born by the blood of Satan. Hoshiro was a half demon along with his twin sister Ariko. They are task of destroying humanity. Instead they chose not to and betray their father.

To be added



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