Name: Hunter Smith

Age: 16

House: Sixth Year Slytherin

Personality: Hunter is very mischievous and sneaky. He is always wandering around Hogwarts, playing pranks on everyone. He likes things going his own way. He likes hanging out with pranksters, as he considers them being less dramatic and more fun. He is a very fun person to be with. He thinks life is a one time thing that needs to be used in a fun way. He thinks arrogance will cause the downfall of the wizarding world, which is odd, considering he comes from a family full of arrogant people. His biological one, any ways.

History: Hunter was born on a chilly September First, in Sydney, Australia. He is a pure-blood. Both sides of his family have been Slytherin for the past two centuries. He is the youngest child, as he has an older sister, who's 2 years older than him. His sister, Lenox, is a lost cause, who thinks she's better than everyone for being a pure-blood. He hates his family, as they were arrogant, thick-headed people. Actually, when Hunter turned 9, he ran away.

He lived on the streets for two months, before being taken into an British family, also known as the Smith's. The parents of that family, are pure-bloods themselves! They have four children, all with beautiful appearances. Apparently, Devin, the oldest, is a Slytherin (Currently 16), Cecilia Smith, the second oldest, is a Hufflepuff (Currently 15). Liam, the third youngest, is a Gryffindor (Currently 13) and Annika Smith is a Ravenclaw (Currently 12). Anyway, that's where Damian grew up for the remaining two years, until he got his letter. Before he got his letter, though, he was adopted into the Smith's.

When he finally got her letter, he was ecstatic. And before he knew it, he was buying his items for Hogwarts. Hunter was sorted into the house of Slytherin, surprising him. And well, that's where he grew up for six years. Now, at the age of sixteen, Hunter's still single, mischievous, mysterious at times, but overall a fun guy.


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