it's a beautiful life.

Two state-named girls with vibrant personalities. One flirty guy.

"I'm Andrew Matthews, and I'm a football fan. British football, mind, not the American stuff; which is bizarre, according to Most Americans. I moved to New York City from London when I was seventeen, and that kind of rocks. Seducing American female bartenders with my accent and natural charming smile. I can smooth talk my way out of trouble, and my natural swagger makes girls swoon and hit the floor. It's what you call the sweet life."

"I'm your average everyday Joe, except smoking hot with an amazing car. Don't get much better than a brand new red Maserati. I got accepted into further education recently - and I'm taking Creative Writing and also Business Studies. We were encouraged to get to know our hallmates. I had my own room, but across from me was a pair of girls. I was a little nervous - one elder, one younger. The elder one had waited to come here until her sister did, which said something about their closeness."

"There's Illinois - born in the Windy City, and named after the state. Her full name's Illinois Chicago Jones - not exactly a commonplace name, so most people I've seen call her Illi. I think Illinois is a beautiful name, so I've always called her that. She says my accent makes up for her name's suckiness - her words, not mine. She's a brunette, except during 'rebellious blonde' time, short but slim, with sparkling, mysterious eyes, and a crazy but endearing personality."

"Then there's Michigan. Michigan Lansing Jones. Again, born in Lansing and named after it. Michi is her nickname, and I call her that at her request, because she asked politely. I usually despise nicknames, but I let her call me Andre in that hilarious faux French accent of hers. She is the slightly more intellectual one of the two, and slightly more serious. Also shorter. She's also brunette, but a darker shade than her sister's."

"I didn't know that meeting Illinois and Michigan would shape my university life. And thereafter. They liked their shenanigans and late night marathons. And slumber parties. You have no idea how many times I've been chastised for being in their room after dark. But they get jealous easily. I've had to play peacemaker, even when I'm usually the pretentious, egotistical flirt with a knack for starting fights myself. What would I do without them...?"

Great. Another hallway, the same as the last; I swear I'll get lost in this place. I make a table and count the number of steps it takes to reach the end.