Jerrilyn Harraway

Jerrilyn Harraway

Name: Jerrilyn Samandra Harraway
Owner: Brocky
RP Genre: X-Men
Species: Mutant
Born: 5 January 1992
Nationality: American
Language: English
Race: African American



Jerrilyn, or as she prefers Jerri, is a very intelligent young woman. Often over analyzing every move, she generally plans out everything for herself as well as her companions. She is always able to keep her composure in any kind of situation, as she knows if she doesn't then she wont be able to keep her powers of sound manipulation in check. Even with the help of Magneto's Brotherhood, she still doesn't know the full capacity of her powers and since she is too scared to test them out, she probably never will know.




Father: Arnold Harraway
Mother: Belladonna Harraway
Older Sister: Beatrice Harraway
Younger Sister: Alana Harraway
Younger Brother: Jarred Harraway


Arnold and Belladonna Harraway lived in the rich parts of New York leaving off of the wealth of Bealldonna's parents. Having multiple penthouses in different parts of the city, they never got tired of their elegant lifestyle. Even after Belladonna had given birth to a child named Beatrice, the couple never stopped living the life of a celebrity. It wasn't until their second child Jerrilyn until they finally decided it would be best to halt their busy lives and orient themselves to taking care of their children. Jerrilyn was a very intelligent and caring girl, she never got into trouble and she was always there to watch over her younger siblings Alana and Jarred when Beatrice couldn't.

Jerrilyn had always been talented in the musical arts, she was an exquisite singer and could master almost any instrument she lays her hands on. It wasn't until Jerrilyn reached the age of 12 when her powers of sound manipulation had kicked in. Arnold and Belladonna had come home to see that the windows of their penthouse had been completely shattered. With Jerrilyn explaining that she managed to do it all with a loud pitch, Arnold being a scientist immediately brought her to his lab to do tests on her.

When Arnold wasn't able to find an answer to Jerrilyn's incident after a year, he decided to send her to a lab that specializes in mutants, which Arnold suspected Jerrilyn was. After spending two years of her life being analyzed by multiple humans, she had finally had enough and snapped. When doing one of the regular tests she was forced to do weekly, Jerrilyn used her anger to start an earthquake through sound waves. It only lasted a minute but it gave Jerrilyn enough time to get out of her restraints. By amplifying the sound waves around her to an extremely high pitched noise, she managed to render all of the doctors in the lab useless. With the doctors unable to stop Jerrilyn, she escaped the lab.

Jerrilyn was scared and terrified. Being the first time she had ever been outside in years, she wasn't sure where she was or where she was going. It was later that night when members of the lab found and captured her, dragging her back to the lab. A month after, Jerrilyn had had enough of getting poked and prodded with needles, and she used her sound manipulation to kill the doctor as well as three of his assistants. Jerrilyn then escaped the lab and eventually she ran into members of the X-Men. After figuring out that they also had powers, she explained her story to them. They promised her she'd be safe with them, but when she lowered her guard, they locked her up in a jail that rendered her powers useless.

She was locked up for three months, until someone from the Brotherhood found her locked up. Jerrilyn pleaded for the member to help her get out, and in doing so she pledged her allegiance to the Brotherhood. Jerrilyn had joined when she was only 15 years old, she is now 22.

Height: 5'7
Weight: 117lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Green
Skin Colour: Black
Jerrilyn Harraway


Roleplay her with the rest of the X-Men chars and follow the story line already made.


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