Kari Rose

Kari Rose

Name: Kari Tabitha Rose
Owner: Brocky
RP Genre: Japanese Mythology (Kitsunes)
Species: Zenko Sanda (Thunder Kitsune)
Born: 12 March 1922
Nationality: Canadian
Language: English
Race: Caucasian



Kari is a very prim and proper young woman, if you could even call her young. Her 92 years have given her all of the life experience she would ever need. With her being a former nurse for the Canadian/British/French army in World War II, she has become a very respectful woman as she always had to respect those who were of higher rank.




Father: Sebastian Rose
Mother: Kalia Rose
Older Sister: Tianna Rose †



  • Born in the middle of the Great Depression after World War I to Sebastian and Kalia Rose in Canada.
  • At the age of fifteen she found out that she was a Zenko Sanda (otherwise known as an Thunder Kitsune).
  • When she turned seventeen, she went to Great Britain to become a nurse for those injured in battle.
  • After the end of World War II, she ended up becoming a socialite, after finding out that her father had put a charm on her so she wouldn't age in appearance, she always had to move after a few years so she wouldn't cause any suspicion.
  • Eventually Kari became the leader of a Kitsune pack in 1974, in which she led them into creating a society for Kitsunes to raise a family and live safely from supernatural hunters.
  • After a nogitsune broke into the society and killed all of the Kitsunes but Kari, she realized that it was her sister Tianna, after a battle broke out among the sisters, Kari managed to over power her sister and kill her. Fleeing shortly after.
  • Kari lived out the rest of her life in hiding, very rarely getting too close to others, and always becoming a nurse for soldiers whenever a large war had broken out.

Full History


Height: 5'5
Weight: 107lbs
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: White
Kari Rose
Kari Rose 2


WIP, need plans and rp partner


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