Name: Lilly Tomlinson

Age: 17

Species: Shadowhuntress

Affiliations: The Clave, Shadowhunters.

Strengths: Stealth, Spying, Hand to Hand Combat

Weaknesses: Claustrophobic, Acts without Thinking, Has a short temper

Weapons: Lilly has twin katanas, which she keeps strapped to her back at all times. She also has two throwing knives in case of emergencies, which remain hidden, but are with her at all time.

Personality: Lilly is an outgoing girl. She acts before thinking and is very defensive of her friends and family. Demon hunting is her life and she wouldn't trade it for the world. Lilly is quite protective of those close to her and can be very sarcastic at times. She loves having fun and is quite nice. She's very mischievous as well, always pranking her siblings or friends.


  • Lilly was born to Louis and Leila Tomlinson on October 31st.
  • Lilly has two brothers, Shane, who's six years older than her, and Nico, who's four years older than her. She has a younger sister and brother, too, who are both twins and 11 years old, named Dylan and Amelia Tominson.
  • Louis and Leila were both well known Shadowhunters and even had distant relatives who fought in wars.
  • Lilly comes from a bloodline of powerful and amazing Shadowhunters.
  • When she turned 7, her mother was turned into a vampire and fled, hoping her family would not discriminate her for being a bloodsucker.
  • When Lilly was 9, Nico got bitten by a werewolf and turned into one, also leaving the family and joining a pack.
  • Around two years later, when she was 11, Amelia died due to lung cancer.
  • Ashamed of his freak family, Louis abandoned his children and moved to Doncaster in England to get a new family and start fresh.
  • Nico took the spot of the fatherly figure and made sure both Dylan and Lilly were always safe and fed, even if he had to starve. They were then taken from the institute they were currently in, to the New York Institute.
  • Two years later, they went under the wing of another well known shadowhunter couple and from then on, trained to be the best demon slayers they could be.

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