Natisha Fairbanks

2014-11-24 1121

Name: Ari'el
Age: Immortal
Owner: BachLynn23
RP Genre: Supernatural
Species: Archangel
Creation Date: Unknown
Vessel Name: Natisha Fairbanks
Vessel Age: 21
Time in Current Vessel: 1 yr

Swan 2


Because her domain on earth has always been water related, she's often been secluded from not just other archangels over the aeons, but also humans. This has caused her to be rather contradictory at times. One minute she can be very much an introvert that prefers solitude, but other times she can be very curious and eager to be out amongst humans.

She is very protective of nature, especially anything to do with water, whether it's salt or fresh. WIP


Pre-Dean/Winchester Years


Dean/Winchester Years

She opted to not involve herself in the fight going on between Michael/Lucifer and the Winchester Boys. She had no desire to go against Lucifer for personal reasons, and her and Michael never really saw eye to eye, especially when it came to the prophecies about the apocalypse. However, since so much chaos has gone on, and Heaven is in desperate need of order, she has finally come forward to aid Castiel in rebuilding Heaven.

Height: 5'8
Weight: 135lbs
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: White/Cream
Wing Colour: White


I need plans for her. I also need to find a roleplay partner for her and make her word bubble....


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