Only A Crack
~By Lilly Mara
Important Information
Date Started: 21 November 2014
Date Completed: N/A
Open for Critiques? Yes
Genre(s): Fanfiction
Type of Work: Fan Fiction
# of Chapters:
Rating: PG-13 Rated
Dedication: Dedicated to Mathia

Main HG tributes


Inspired by

Flames roared from the blackened wood, lighting up the area with the flickering orange light, its heat rushing outward to warm the two girls positioned nearby it. Clove Kentwell shifted, looking warily around her, hand wrapping around the cold handle of one of the knives in her pocket, but the trees were as silent as ever. No rustling amongst fallen leaves, nor snapping of branches to show the presence of other people. Her eyes flicker to Katniss Everdeen, sat opposite her, who was running her fingers along the bow in her hands, and they stay there until Clove finally tore them away.

A snap sounded, and Clove's head flew round, pulling out the silvery blade whilst standing up slowly, eyes focused on the place she'd heard the sound. From the corner of her right eye she could see Katniss, bow ready, but no figure. Something was definitely not right here, because she couldn't see another tribute. Katniss' head turned to her; obviously she couldn't see anyone either. Maybe the two were just getting a tad bit jumpy, and they were hearing noises. That would be unsurprising, considering where they were - you couldn't be too careful in a Hunger Games scenario.

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