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Name: Orion Devin Mullins

Age: 15, Born on October 31.

Strengths: Making Quick Decision in Combat, Spying, Stealth

Weaknesses: Long Range Attacks, Archery, Has a short temper

Personality: Orion is a laid-back guy. He's very sporty. When the time to fight comes, he is really concentrated and calculates every move of yours. He is very flirty and likes having a good time. He enjoys spending time with his half-siblings and is protective of the younger ones. Especially if it's a half-sister. Orion is extremely loyal and is usually either practising his swordsmanship, in the archery range or practising his powers.


  • Orion was born to Lilith and Mars on October 31st.
  • When Orion was 3, his mother married a rich and arrogant man named Charles.
  • Lilith and Charles had three children- Zoe and Luca, two years younger than Orion.
  • Due to their arrogance and attitude, Orion was taken by Lupa at the age of seven.
  • Lupa left him in New Rome with another family, where he learned of his true heritage and trained twice a week with an older and more experienced son of Jupiter.
  • At age 14, Orion was taken to the Wolf House, where he proved his worth.
  • Once in Camp Jupiter, he was given his tattoo and placed in the Second Cohort.

Weapons: Orion has a watch with a button in the middle. If pressed, it turns into a staff. The staff has two smaller buttons on the top. The first, if pressed, turns into a IG blue sword named "Fallen Warrior". The second turns into a IG dagger and a IG throwing knife. The third, if pressed, turns into a shield. All of these can switch from one another with a simple verbal command from Orion. This watch was made by Vulcan himself.

Fatal Flaw: Personal Loyalty

Godly Parent: Mars, Roman God of the War

Affiliation: Second Cohort Member in Camp Jupiter.