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The name of this poem is "Apathy" it has a PG-13 rating. The poem is also not dedicated to anyone, and criticism is allowed.
00:46, February 16, 2015 (UTC)
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No-one is allowed to copy from this, you may use the ideas that you may receive from reading this. If you wish to use part of this poem in a story or for anything else on the wiki, politely ask me before you copy the poem.

Such an ideal is the syndication of cynicism.
For in this indictment of others, they can do anything,
but they cannot escape the uncaring.
Such an ideal is sagaciously inept at showing.
For they walk throughout every day with the sun blinding,
but they cannot escape the heat bearing down on them.
Such an ideal is unmerited complacency.
For in this daily life, they have the cognizance,
but they can’t really understand the tumultuous sentiments.
Such an ideal is an amaranthine of disparateness.
For they feel nothing that they feel,
but can they care when simplicity’s complexity turns dialectical?

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