that Leira RP we started three months agoEdit

Keira: Keira is walking around camp, followed by a group of eager looking thirteen year olds, giving them the tour. Her smile is a little forced and she looks tired.

Luther: He's walking to his cabin after coming to the beach, wearing nothing but swim trunks and looking more lobster then human. When he spots Keira he hesitates for a second (they hadn't talked since he'd left camp) after a few seconds he decides to walk over and say hello, avoiding confrontations was one of the many things he was trying to change.

Keira: When she sees Luther walking toward her, at first her smile drops, but then re-appears; she looks somewhat confuzed, but is genuinely happy to see him. "Luther!"

Luther: He almost turns around when her smile drops but the fast reapperance of it reassures him that she's no longer angry and he hugs her. "Keira, long time no see!"

Keira: She wraps her arms around his torso, hugging him back eagerly. "I missed you." She pulls back to glance at her new, young, and dumb half siblings with another forced smile. "Run along now, I bet you can find the way back to Hermes'. First one there gets to boss the rest of you around for a week!" She chuckles as the kids run away, turning back to Luther. "Counsellor duties have been a pain in the ass, as you can see."

Luther: He eagerly hugs back, glad that she's no longer angry with him. He chuckles as the kids scurry back to their cabin, "yea, camp tours are definitely one of the few bajllions things I don't miss about being a counselor." After a good few seconds he releases her from the bear hug. "I always thought of little kids as a reminder for why condoms are so important."

Keira: She throws her head back in laughter, her grin more genuine than it has been in weeks, if not months. Luther always had that effect on her. "When did you get back?" she asks after recovering. "It's so good to see you," she adds as a second thought, because, really, it is. She'd missed him.

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