Logan & EvanEdit

Logan: He was walking toward the Training Arena. He needed to practice and he loved training, so that way, he could kill two birds with one stone. He didn't wear armour though, besides that he was used to not wearing it, most times when fighting, he didn't even had time to put on armour. For instance, when fighting monsters, it was something urgent and he wouldn't have time for those kinds of "extra protection", so he found wearing it a bit unnecessary and almost luxurious. While walking, he hoped someone would be at the Arena. He had his spatha clenched in his left hand, due to his left-handedness.

Evan: The dusty sands of the arena swept beneath his feet, as Evan went through a series of cuts with his one and a half handed sword. The son of Lucina was lightly armored. He wore a leather jerkin and greaves to grant basic protection. His muscles glinted and his curls were damp with sweat. He practised a series of cuts and jabs, alternating between offensive and defensive manouvres. The sword was fairly however that was standard for the legion. He needed to build his muscular strength and speed if he was to face the trials ahead.

Logan: As Logan entered to the Arena, he noticed that a muscular guy that looked about his age was training in the Arena. He walked towards him, and when he was 15ft away or so, he asked "Mind if I join your training?"

Evan: Evan shrugged his shoulders. He lowered his sword apologetically, the imperial gold blade glowing faintly in the sunlight. "Yeah no problem. Just let me get some water first." He sheathed the blade into his belt and walked over to a blue gym bag, left on the arena steps. He took out a water bottle and drank the contents, finishing with a gasp. "Evan. Fifth Cohort." He said and offered a handshake. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance."

Logan: He shakes Evan's hand frimly and looks at him "Logan, son of Aurora. First Cohort. The pleasure is all mine." He says. Out of curiosity he asks "What's yoir godly parent if I may ask?"

Evan: He doesn't initially respond. Instead he lifts up his shirt sleeve to reveal his tattoos; a ladybird and a female silhouette with her arms upraised in the air. "Lucina." He replies gruffly. "Shall we get to training then?"

Logan: Logan smiles honestly "That's pretty cool!" he admits. "My mother is only the goddess of dawn" he shrugs and shows his tattoo: a degradation from black to his skin color and the Sun in the dark. "Well. Let's get back to the training."

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