joy: she was reading her book quietly and peacefully in her favorite spot she was soo absorb in her book she was not aware her powers was taking the shape of her imagination as she read about the pirates and aliens ships and guns was heard near her

Felix: He glanced up from him magazine, rolling his eyes as he crossed one leg over the other. He was sat opposite to Joy "Joy you gotta stop that, you're making to much noise." He smiled a bit "Just don't get too into it, you know I can't read if there's noise"

joy:she looks up to from her book taking off her earphones huh? she asked before hearing the gun shoot ops she said making a >,< face before closing her eyes trying to make the illusion to disappear after long it was gone I think i need to stop reading action for a while....she said putting her book down and monsters....

Felix: He laughed a bit and put his magazine down "Maybe just stop imagining them so hard?" He pushed back his hair "You've read before without it happening right? Maybe don't read so hard?"

joy:she had a scared face before shaking her head slowlynot lately...she said weakly i guess its my powers way of telling me i need training....she laughed weakly trying to hope felix would help her

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