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Char Name: Ryan Belton Lewis

Affiliation:  Ravenclaw Prefect, Hogwarts

Owner:  Gruff

Age: 18

Parents: Margery Lewis (Mother) Pius Lewis (Father †)

Accent: English

Birthplace: Oxford, England

Birthdate: October 30th

Sexuality: Homosexual

Blood Status: Pureblood


  • Ryan was born to Margery Lewis and Pius Lewis in the end of October. 
  • At the young age of 5 Ryan showed magical potentiol which please his father and his grandmother.
  • A few months into his 6th Birthday, Pius died of cancer and his widowed mother was heartbroken.
  • His grandmother, Ignisus Lewis never liked his mother as she though Pius had married bellow his stature and so Margery and Ignisus never got along.
  • At 12 Ryan recived a letter for Hogwarts which he was delighted about and quickly after arriving was sorted into Ravenclaw House.
  • At the age of 15-16 Ryan sat his O.W.L.S in which he develoved an O for Oustanding in every subject he took.
  • Ryan met Lucas shortly after his O.W.L.S and are currently dating.

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