Name: Selene Nightluck
Nickname: Masquerade
Born: May 19th, 1995
Status: Alive

Selene is a 19 year old mutant that is currently with the Brotherhood, however, she is planning on escaping as soon as she feels that she has mastered her powers totally. Right now she is doubting along Magneto as to what to do respecting to the Zombie Apocalypse

Owner: Xax
Genre/World: X-Men
Physical Appearance: She is beautiful and uses this to her advantage by limitedly controlling some people. She normally dresses fancily when not fighting. When she does, she uses tight clothes with a small amount of cleavage and a whip.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 127 lb
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Skin Colour: Ivory

Jassmint and Richard Nightluck had Selene just after they got married. Since she was born, she had this connection with water that wasn't very noticeable at first. She would always like to take her bath and would laugh while doing it.

While growing up, Selene was a bit of a wallflower at school and nobody seemed to care for her. She had a younger brother named Caleb that she developed to love when she took care of him, but he just saw her as his older sister.

As time flew by, Caleb developed his Pyrokinesis even before Selene knew about her own power. The X-Men found him at the young age of 10 and ripped him from his family to help him train. Selene was 13 by this time.

This was the time when her powers started to show. Due to the sadness of Caleb being away from her, she would turn a bit depressed and at school people wold think of her as a freak and looser. One time, when she was in 7th grade when the popular girls where trying to make Selene feel bad, a jock named Cameron from 8th grade told the girls to stop bothering her and so they did. Selene appreciated this and got to know Cameron better. She started to fall in love with him.

Then, another time, when Cameron got sick and didn't go to school. The same girls started to humiliate Selene in the bathroom and when she had enough, the water tubes exploded and everyone except Selene got wet. Somehow, she knew it had been her who did it.

Another time, when 15, she started to feel being stalked on the way home by a stranger. She then heard him run towards her and so she did. Then, she turned right into a dead-end alley. Within all, she was scared and didn't know what to do. However, when the man peeked into the alley, he didn't seem to notice Selene at all. Confused, she went out to poke the man in the face to see what was wrong, but then, she didn't see her arm. She got to run out of the alley and went home.

By this time, when the adrenaline had poured out, she was visible to herself and everyone else again. After this, she never saw Cameron again. They said that he was expelled, but when Selene went to stalk visit him to his house. He wasn't there anymore and the house was open for sale. She turned exasperated as everyone that she seemed to love escaped from her life.

Finally when she turned 17, she duplicated herself one time while looking at herself in the mirror. She obviously got scared, but learnt that she could control the clone independently.

When Caleb turned 14, the X-Men sent him to a mission where he shortly died by not being powerful enough.

This angered an saddened Selene greatly and promised to herself that she would never be a part of the X-Men as long as it were her decision. Even if they swore to make her powers develop.

She finally got invited at a party when she was 17, almost 18, but only so the popular could pull a prank on her. At the end of the party, they soaked her in beer and alcohol. She got really mad and turned invisible. She then got a kitchen knife and from everything that she had inside, she killed each and everyone of the people who planned the prank. Which was more or less 15 students currently at the party.

Still invisible, she ran out of the party and went to a nearby river to clean herself and there, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch found her and told her that they saw her abilities. They took her to the Brotherhood and she has been with them for a bit more than a year.


Selene doesn't care what other people think about her. She is very classy and normally wears elegant clothes when not fighting. She is beautiful, and she knows it, normally using that to her advantage. She may be sarcastic and a bit snobby and/or haughty at times. She is proper most times. She is shy when she likes a guy, which is due to one of her greatest weaknesses:she is dependent to her emotions, as she is loyal to her friends and would even give her life for the people she loves.


Throwing Knives, twin daggers and a whip.



  1. Hydrokinesis: Selene has the ability to manipulate water, however, she has difficulty controlling very large amounts of water.
  2. Duplication: She can create physical replicas of herself up to 10 ten times. She can control all of them independently and they can interact with people and objects. The more clones she has, the easier the tasks need to be so she can sustain them, or the clones then dissipate. This means that she can fight with a maximum of two clones beside herself.
  3. Invisibility: Selene can turn invisible to the naked eye so no one can see her. She can also turn anything/one invisible as long as she touches it/him/her while being invisible. If she wishes to, she can also turn invisible to thermal cameras and such, but this drains her more energy.


  1. Enhanced Condition: Selene has the ability to possess agility, speed, stealth, and such, beyond that of a human.
  2. Limited Hormone Manipulation: She can manipulate and control people's hormones, especially to those who may find her attractive. She can also use this so people do her bidding to some extent.
  3. Proficient Swimmer: She can swim better/faster than normal people and she also is stronger when in water. She can see clearly through water without making her tired.
  4. Proficient Fighter: She has a good muscle memory so she is good with martial arts and with varying weapons.
  5. Oxygen Independent: Selene can survive without the need of oxygen. She can swim underwater for as long as she wants without needing to breathe.
  1. She depends on her emotions many times. Which can greatly hurt her.
  2. When she uses any of her mayor powers, she can't use another mayor power simultaneously.
  3. She is weaker against the cold.
  4. If she is in a place with no moisture anywhere for long, she will start getting weaker.

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