Blue is the Warmest Colour

Seeing you is blue.

Like the sky on sweet

Midsummer afternoons

With Bluejays singing.

Cluelessly in love.

Touching you is blue.

A timid dip into the 

Sun kissed lagoon

Before plunging in;

Consumed by azure.

Loving you is blue -

The hottest of all flames

Sending sparks and jolts

Across my body; the current

Bringing me to life.

But blue is not the warmest colour.

Blue is cold. Unforgiving. Harsh.

Blue is deadly cold, icy.

Ensnaring the senses,

Numbing the heart.

Blue is the colour 

of the dying man's skin.

Blue is drowning. 

Calling for help, frantic. 

Loking around sharply

Only to see the deepest,

Darkest wates of the depths.

Blue is sad.

It's looking into his eyes

As he tells you

He doesn't love you -

And he never will.

But blue is the warmest colour.

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