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Name: Talitha "Tali" von Agthoven (Surname is a new thing)
Nickname: Celestea (cil-lest-ee-ah)
Born: 700BC
Status: Alive

Talitha is a member of Professor X's X-Men. WIP

Owner: Wonder
Genre/World: X-Men
Physical Appearance: 27
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120lbs
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Blonde
Skin Colour: White/Caucasian
X-Men: WIP
Her History

It was a quiet night in Athens when baby Talitha was born in 700BC. Everything was normal, at least everything except the fact that the Aurora Borealis was dancing in the skies and shooting stars and meteors wouldn't stop flying. As time went past it became clear that Talitha was different from other children. She aged much slower with each year barely aging her more than 1/10th of a month. This caused suspicions. Her mother was made to bring up the child alone and it's father was unknown causing many, including her mother, that she must have been an extremely powerful demigod or actually a goddess herself.

Her mother got married and had another child, the child grew up healthy and normal and after their mother's death he began to look after her. He grew up but there was something strange about him as well but being the almost 6 month year old she was she couldn't sense it. He ended up "dying" by falling into an active volcano (OOC: He tried and I'll finish this EVENTUALLY <.<)

Her Personality

She's very quiet and tends to keep to herself a lot. WIP



Her Powers
  1. Limited Precognition: She can see into the future using "stars" and the zodiac but it's not 100% accurate as she can only see into the direct future (eg. people could change their minds etc.). It's also the only time she can actually see normally.
  2. Stellar Manipulation: Probably her most practiced and proficient super power is this and it includes controlling the energies of stars, controlling plasma, controlling the various gases which make up stars (See more applications here)
    1. Solar Manipulation
    2. Nebula Manipulation
    3. Stardust Manipulation
  3. Night Empowerment: She's more powerful at night due to the fact more stars are visible rather than just the sun and their energies combined are more powerful.
  4. Advanced Longevity: She ages as if she's moving through space at just a teenie bit below the speed of light which allows her to only age one year for every hundred years. The fact she's on earth also contributes to this. See here
  5. Oxygen Independence
  6. Apathy (Unable to disable)
  1. Blind (unless the light of a star, eg. the sun or her own manipulation abilities is illuminating it so she can't see torch light, indoor lights, candles, fire etc only the light of stars)
  2. Not adept with weapons (Give her a weapon and she'd end up falling on it and almost killing herself)
  3. She AGE slower but she's not immune to getting killed by illness and/or injury
  4. Always belittled by her peers
  5. She gets tired really easily
  6. Despite never getting listened to when she is she can't admit she's wrong about ANYTHING
  7. Can't go near Iron whatsoever as it fatigues her greatly to the point where she's near death (and can possibly kill her if too close, depending on the amount of the metal is nearby)
  8. Cannot switch off her Apathy
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