~By Lilly Mara
Important Information
Date Started: 30th December 2014
Date Completed: N/A
Open for Critiques? Sure
Genre(s): Drama
Type of Work: Fiction
# of Chapters: TBA
Rating: R
Dedication: WIP

Llewellyn - a headstrong young woman who often takes herself down the wrong pathway. Never intentionally, but her and bad luck seem to be well-acquainted, perhaps more so than she'd have liked.



I have always been prone to accidents, and that's something I've come to accept as a fact of life. An absolute failure at all things economical, educational, political, social, and romantic. All in all, I'm just a failure; a single mother basically living off her benefits in the middle of London, using a pram given to me by my sister after her baby grew out of it. I've been told I'm way too young to have a child; that might be true, but I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. I don't learn from my mistakes either; they say third time lucky, but I'm a third child, and I'm very unlucky indeed. Is it bad karma? I'm a bit of a klutz, but other than that I'm not a terrible person as such. A loner, yes, but not lonely. The company of other people, for me at least, lost its necessity a while ago; I'm too scatterbrained to remember when we agreed to meet.

Unfortunately, I also have a very unfortunate name. I blame my father (who I blame for most of my misfortunes - if you have as many as me you can hardly carry the burden of blaming yourself for all of them,) for my name. Llewellyn Colton. Fucking Llewellyn Colton - I bet my father made it up. It sounds like a boy's name, if it sounds like a name at all. I'd legally change it if I could, or if I had the time. Knowing my luck, I'd be laughed at by the people who were supposed to officiate it. Why couldn't I have a normal name, like...Claire, or Zoe? If it just had to be exotic, it could have been a real name at least. Right? That, and my middle name is Solara. Llewellyn Solara Colton. My daughter, Rosalie Colton, has a much better sounding name. I know I sound attention-seeking - but I don't really give a fuck, alright?

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