Wonder's Encyclopaedia of Poems
First row by mikkolagerstedt-d7yv7um
Owned By: Wonder
Date Started: 2013
Date Ended: WIP
Rating: PG Rated
General Info
Requested By: N/A (See individual pages plz)
Open for Critiques:
Yes Please
User Copyright:
You may use these poems for pretty much anything unless otherwise noted and as long as you ask me and don't claim them as your own.
Type of Work: Poetry
Genre(s): Poetry
# of Chapters: N/A
Based On:
Dedicated To: Dedicated to all my friends and family on Wikia/For specific dedications see the poem page itself
Setting & Plot

A bunch of misc poems written by me that have no where else to go :(



Other Links

  1. WIP



Poem List

  1. The Song of Mother Bird
  2. The Perfectly Presented Psychopath
  3. Flowers in Bloom
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