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As this isn't a singular roleplay wiki about a singular topic/world, the character policies may be a bit different than some users are accustomed to from other Wiki's. Compared to some wiki's they may seem downright lax and laid back, which is the goal of having a larger scope Wiki.

GodModding, OP and MetagamingEdit

There is a specific roleplay policy that involves this, but on a side note, when creating characters it is most likely some users are going to be making some characters that are VERY OP. This isn't against the rules per se, but odds are someone with a much less powerful character may be less inclined to roleplay with such an OP character, however it isn't against the rules because you can easily pair up with characters that match them. Plus, in general, who people roleplay with is entirely up to their discretion, if they choose to roleplay with a character that is clearly OP, that is on their heads. Which is why having character pages, and being clear and up front about your character's traits, powers, etc is paramount.

Character PagesEdit

On all character pages, whether for roleplay or just character bio pages to go along with a story, it should have a template at the top indicating the important and relevant information that other users will find useful.

Roleplay CharactersEdit

It is required to have pages made up for any characters you will be roleplaying with, no exceptions. You also may find it useful to list the characters on their appropriate world/genre, these are specific pages for each world that users roleplay on our Wiki. Obviously this list could be infinite, so the list will grow as the wiki grows with both user created roleplay worlds and fanfiction roleplay worlds.

The wiki does not have character limits or any type of claiming/approval process like some wiki's have. This is why having a page for your char and have them listed on the world list pages is so paramount. This information let's users know what is out there to do and who is interested in the same things they are. It is also heavily suggested that you keep this type of information on your user page, again to help advertise the types of roleplays you are interested in.

Character Bio PagesEdit

Perhaps some people have characters they do not wish to roleplay with, but simply want to have a special bio page about them to go hand in hand with a story that character is from. The page still requires a template header, although it is not quite as paramount.

Canon CharactersEdit

You are allowed to roleplay with canon characters, you can even make pages for them. However, no user may own a canon character. Canon characters are something that all users are allowed to use and have access to.

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