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Life off the internet doesn't always make it possible for us to do everything we wish we had time for. However, the aim of this wiki is to be a place for you to escape from your life and kick back, relax and enjoy yourselves. Because of this we will try to be laid back and accommodating to everyone's schedules. Bottom line though, please at least try to keep people updated as to when you will or won't be around, especially if you are on the Administration Team or in one of the Wiki Help Groups.


  • If you go over two to three years with zero edits and aren't seen at all in chat or on Skype your belongings may be subject to archiving and/or deletion.
  • If you are a member of the Administration Team or on one of the User Help Groups and go over 6 months with zero edits and haven't been seen on any chat you will be marked as 'Inactive' (but you will not be demoted).
  • Please at least try to give a heads up when you will be inactive, if you can't always, that is understandable, but that does help us keep track of who is active and who's not for when planning group wiki activities.

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