still a wip...


Full name: Yukina Fujihara

Age: depends on the rp (but mostly 15)

birthday: unknown~ but her family choose 5th April for that's the day she came to them

wand: 9.5 inches, Phoenix feather ,Brittle ,willow

House: Gryffindor

Personality: At first glance you would say she is a very very happy go lucky girl who would put her all into everything she does yet you can never tell what's going on her mind. As even if she's smiling someone could always doubt that smile. She's someone that would never show her feelings and would often try to keep her strong demeanour. She often have this urge to belong after soo long being different but she would always hide all of that behind that laid back attitude of hers. She's very good listener and adviser and would often give good console when anyone needs her. She may not be the bravest but when call upon she will not be scared to help..WIP

History:her mom Sakura was a witch from Japan and came to Britain to work. She expected nothing to happen until she saw him and her world got turn around. From the prim and proper woman that came from a very strict family the man changed her and thought her live a life she never expect to have. After a few months the man left her life giving so many reason she was of course devastated especially when she found out she was pregnant. She wanted to return home to her family but feared for the baby thus stayed in a land foreign to her. Soon Yukina was born into the world and brought light to Sakura's life. They lived a hard but happy life hidden from Sakura's family yet soon an incident happen.This incident resulted in Sakura's death leaving Yukina alone. Yukina was soon brought to Sakura's family in Japan to whom accepted her like family. She was loved and cherish by the family but she could not help but feel different form her family. They would often deny it but it was the truth for they assume she was a muggle . WIP...

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